Quarter 61 - Spring 2005

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Political Contributions extremely high Administration, Rights 03.04.2018 14:44
Lay-Off Protection high Economy, Rights 03.04.2018 14:46
Commuters high Economy, Budget 03.04.2018 14:47
Water normal Economy, Infrastructure 03.04.2018 14:46
Forced Labor normal Security, Rights 03.04.2018 14:47
A Day Without TV normal Education, Media 03.04.2018 14:47
Tuition Fees low Education, Budget 24.04.2018 10:51

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The transfer payments have been partially regrouped into an unconditional basic income.
temporary work has become significantly more expensive since wage of contract workers has be adjusted
Enterprises have to treat mistakes of workers confidentially.
Working parents have much less time for their children since work-free weekends have been abolished.
The medical community is elated as embryos are corybanticly used for experiments of all sorts.
Public pools are modernized at an enormous cost.
government uses Makreich's aggression to implement a build-up of arms
some toxic waste deposits are relocated and modernised with high costs
For fear of consequences some tax exiles don’t permit citizens of Hammerfest to enter any more.
The number of police officers in Hammerfest has been greatly increased.