Trade Company

BCBC Easterngreen

Quarter 130 - Autumn 2022


TheLastShah Regent since Spring 1990
Age 62
Popularity 5.96
Power 2.23
Int. reputation 5.60
Health 1.16
Influence 5.91
Elections 14 quarters up to the next elections / 67.88%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 0%
Tasks sat out 4%
Quarters without action 43 Quarters
Enforced reforms 6
Changes of the budget 17
Average voting results 66%
Re-elections 7


No medals so far.


130 Criminal Immigrants
Illegal employment
Military Schools
129 Random event: a very successful horticultural show in Seoul delights citizens as well as tourists
128 Profit Sharing
Labor Time
Cure for Malaria
Election result 69%
127 Change of budget
126 A Waste Of Time?
Labor Unions
Minimum Wage
125 Electricity Tariff
Tobacco Advertising
124 Adult Education
123 Change of budget
122 Trading Card Games
Toxic waste
121 Freedom of Art
120 Tabloids
Space elevator
119 Change of budget
118 Capital Gains Tax
Weapon exports
117 Ivy League
Anti-Juvenile Frequency
115 Change of budget
114 Dam
School Uniforms
113 Discipline
112 Crop Energy
Fair Trade
Election result 70%
111 Change of budget
110 Contract workers
109 A Matter Of Taste
Rating Agencies
108 Junk and shoddy
Boundary dispute
107 Change of budget
106 Shopping Hours
Work on Weekends
Plastic Surgery
Strategic Defense Initiative
104 Freedom of Movement
102 Retirement Savings Plans
101 Inheritance Tax
100 Sporting Events
Rainforest Preservation Fund
Random event: a hacker was able to break into the central administration database and sell the data to dubious corporations
99 Change of budget
98 Product Piracy
Orbital weapons
97 Surveillance of employment areas
Government Wage Support
New Clothes
96 Demand for Housing
Child Labor
Election result 71%
95 Change of budget
94 Overtime
Death Penalty
Illegal Immigration
93 Pick A Name, Any Name
92 Pesticides
Post Office
91 Change of budget