Quarter 164 - Summer 2031


Personal Rapid Transit active

A Personal Rapid Transit is a progressive approach to combine the benefits of individual traffic and public transport.


Total costs: 1,273.44 Bil. €
Costs per year, for 100% PE projects 84.90 Bil. €
Estimated duration 3
Progress 95 %


"A futuristic dream could become true! Cabins moving people around like by a ghost's hand, without time table, noise or sorrows about parking place!" adores Ingolv Sveenwec, leading engineer at a machine building corporation. "Let's provide the towns with subsurface electricity driven cabin systems, and let's connect them with magnetic levitation, allowing breathtaking speed. This won't be cheap, but the toilsome way to a future with perfect infrastructure and clean environment will be worth it!"

Personal Rapid Transit

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