Hm test

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Quarter 134 - Summer 2023

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Larks and owls extremely high Health, Rights 16.12.2018 10:10
Abortion high Health, Rights 16.12.2018 01:19
Internships high Economy, Rights 16.12.2018 10:13
No Service! high Economy, Infrastructure 16.12.2018 10:10
Class Cancellations normal Administration, Education 16.12.2018 10:18
Artificial Meat normal Economy, Health 16.12.2018 10:17
Discipline low Health, Education 16.12.2018 10:12

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Mafia members have a difficult stand due to the promotion of fighting organized crime
Proof of language and cultural proficiency is required in order to obtain citizenship status.
Handicapped individuals enjoy a large amount of freedom from barriers.
Journalism is controlled by corporate pressure groups.
Consumers consciously act stupid just to be able to accuse manufacturers of defective products.
Drug addicts are only forced to deprive if they are proven in court to be a threat to themselves or society.
state ignores marriages of any type
Fair Trade products are now free of all excise taxes, which lowers their prices slightly
Faltering private banks are not supported by the government.
again and again juveniles take their own lives after failing at casting shows