Free Republic


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Level of progress (rounded down): 736

These great projects will astonish the rest of the world. But they are quite expensive. You can change the expenditures each winter in the budget and so influence the duration of the completion. It is not possible to work on more than one project simultaneously. A project begin is seen as a solved task, so other tasks are possible in this quarter, but no reforms or budget changes.

Consider carefully whether the state is really capable of paying the project! The completion can take more time than estimated, but in any case it will be completed.

Title Level of progress Duration Costs per annum Status
Monument 150 8 514.74 Bil. possible
Great wall 200 20 20.87 Bil. possible
Atomic bomb 500 14 20.87 Bil. possible
Nuclear Disarmament 500 6 6.96 Bil. impossible
Missiles 540 16 34.78 Bil. possible
Cure for Malaria 600 8 83.47 Bil. possible
Orbital weapons 650 16 48.69 Bil. impossible
Personal Rapid Transit 650 60 48.69 Bil. possible
Strategic Defense Initiative 660 8 34.78 Bil. impossible
Geothermal Energy 780 35 97.38 Bil. impossible
Space elevator 900 20 27.82 Bil. impossible
Cure for cancer 900 70 695.60 Bil. impossible
Voyage to Mars 950 60 208.68 Bil. impossible
Weather Control 970 30 27.82 Bil. impossible
Lunar Colony 1100 70 62.60 Bil. impossible
Fusion power 1200 90 55.65 Bil. impossible