Quarter 54 - Summer 2003

The affairs of state of Peacedum, formerly USA, were taken over by the regent thespacecamel in Winter 1990. Observers classify the huge state as progressive social liberal party-democracy, known for its high net income and the high bureaucracy.

Most of the educated and reasonable citizens are happy with the circumstances. They have a reputation to be sportive and freedom-loving. Further they enjoy an outstanding infrastructure. Compared with other countries, the most distinctive difference is the Capital.

The regent managed to improve his influence in comparison to previous year.

Peacedum is not a member of an alliance.



Hippies form their idellic state, where love and peace abound, and nobody has to do any work. What could go wrong?


Economy 5% Military 0% Safety 2% Reputation 1%
Health 1% Progress 1% Environment 1% Civil rights 1%
Happy Content Uncontent


Currency: Petals
Heraldic animal / symbol Daisy
Capital city San Francisco
Religion Hippy
Flag (not selectable for world states) Flag
Anthem How many roads must a man walk down Before you call him a man How many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannon balls fly Before they're forever banned The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind
Foundation 09.09.2017
Highest Happiness 71.2
Visitors 525
Link https://www.ars-regendi.com/state/205802-collective-peacedum

Key data

Indicators Peacedum Average state (12618)
Gross domestic product per capita 48,220 € 39,596 €
Annual average of inflation 3.23 % 2.10 %
Annual average of population growth 0.78 % 0.72 %
Annual average of economy growth 2.98 % 2.25 %
Social benefits ratio 13.52 % 10.71 %
Public spending ratio 34.14 % 30.71 %
Tax rate 36.71 % 30.97 %
Debt rate 39.49 % 518.19 %


Happiness 162.
Duration of regency 277.


Peacedum Average state
Currencies 1.18 $ / € 1.05 $ / € Sold currencies: 0 Buy
Ground 17.59 €/m² 14.12 €/m² Sold ground: 0 Buy
Shares 1,498 1,483 Sold shares: 0 Buy


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