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Quarter 124 - Winter 2021

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
No Service! extremely high Economy, Infrastructure 22.05.2017 19:26
Standardized Testing high Administration, Education 23.01.2018 17:22
School Attendance high Education, Rights 04.02.2018 11:25
Fair Trade high Economy, Abroad 23.01.2018 17:22
Filesharing Networks high Economy, Rights 04.02.2018 11:27
In Vitro Fertilization normal Health, Family 04.02.2018 11:27
Traffic Offenders normal Security, Infrastructure 04.02.2018 11:25

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Insurance companies now determine the "profitability" of every disease and injury and to reduce payments on expensive treatments, cancer is classified as "unprofitable" and thus premiums are charged.
Without subventions, many small farmers go bankrupt.
After a total ban on public assembly, Nazis, Communists, and groups of various political ideals rampage through .
many regular jobs are cut to enable corporations to collect grants for internships
Many millionaires move to foreign countries.
Commuters prefer to live far outside cities and drive fuel-guzzling SUVs and trucks since all commuting expenses can be deducted from taxes.
Church and state are separated neatly from each other.
Online auctions of the organs of dead celebrities bring sizeable profits for their relatives.
All private parcel delivery services are eliminated as the market is reserved for the Helvetier Post Office.
Children are forced from a very young age into sports by their parents in hopes of receiving coveted support from the state.