Eins Zwogreen

Quarter 211 - Autumn 2042

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Surveillance of employment areas extremely high Economy, Rights 09.05.2017 01:08
National Railway Privatization high Economy, Infrastructure 10.05.2017 01:58
Same-Sex Union high Rights, Family 13.05.2017 23:16
Hard drugs high Security, Health 13.05.2017 23:17
Regional Press Secretaries high Administration, Budget 14.05.2017 22:17
Trademark Rights normal Economy, Rights 14.05.2017 22:18
Trash normal Administration, Environment 15.05.2017 22:05

Former decisions had the following consequences:

finally nuclear fusion is available for profitable use
Garage sales and online auction sites are made illegal to stop the sale of knock-off products.
Criminals are finally unable to tap into police radio channels.
The costs for plastic surgery after accidental or criminal defacements have to be paid by the victims themselves.
After the Eins Zwo Post Office was abolished, a confusing array of unreliable postal companies cause chaos across the nation.
with nano factories artists create "Nanotopia", a whole park of innovative artwork, amazing citizens and foreigners
Some members of fringe groups secretly carry audio tapes with them to proove cases of discrimination.
realization of new fire prevention laws cause enormous costs for corporations and landlords
Animal abusers are convicted as felons and given long sentences in prison.
Eins Zwo becomes even more dependent on oil as crops may not be used for producing energy.