Eins Zwogreen

Quarter 68 - Winter 2006

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Malonite high Education, Rights 27.02.2017 20:16
Intelligent Design high Education, Rights 26.02.2017 10:12
Direct Marketing normal Economy, Rights 26.02.2017 10:08
Retirement Savings Plans normal Economy, Rights 19.02.2017 07:43
Land Reclamation normal Environment, Infrastructure 27.02.2017 20:15
Creativity Drugs low Health, Rights 24.02.2017 14:45
Film Editing low Rights, Media 26.02.2017 10:07

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The state invests great sums of money in order to make transhumanist technology available for all citizens and not just a small elite.
the Personal Rapid Transit significantly improves infrastructure
rating agencies are subject to elaborate state control
State visits from disliked heads-of-state are commonly held in rural uninhabited areas to not offend any civil rights.
Genetically modified food is prohibited as a precaution.
Extremists of every type are allowed to teach children.
The elderly sink large amounts of money into houses, jewelery, and enterprises to escape the inheritance tax.
The neighbouring countries of Eins Zwo eye the disarmament with benevolence and respect.
interships become rare since they have to be paid
uncertified and poorly rated employers barely attract employees any longer