Blutige Papstherrschaft


Quarter 130 - Summer 2022

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Newspaper Cartoons high Rights, Abroad 18.02.2017 12:27
Driver's License high Rights, Infrastructure 18.02.2017 12:26
Militia high Security, Administration 19.02.2017 12:19
Class Cancellations NEW normal Administration, Education 23.02.2017 12:26
Candies normal Administration, Health 22.02.2017 13:07
Casinos low Rights, Abroad 22.02.2017 13:07
Forced Rehabilitation NEW low Health, Rights 23.02.2017 12:26

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Criminal immigrants are expelled and tattooed which causes criticism from left-wing international groups.
tariffs and job protection are undermined by excessive assignment of contract workers
the Personal Rapid Transit significantly improves infrastructure
Many senior citizens fall below the poverty level.
For fear of consequences some tax exiles donít permit citizens of LUCIFERistPAPST to enter any more.
People in low social classes like to own many attack dogs and fight them in bloody inhumane matches.
all and sundry medicines are available over the counter, including morphine
Random event: a long lasting period of drought causes crop failure and rising food prices
In offices, pubs, and markets, one has to use fog lamps because of the heavy cigarette smoke.
Corporate-friendly parties receive enormous sums of contributions as they run endless commercials on TV and radio.