Quarter 173 - Winter 2033

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Medicants extremely high Health, Budget 27.03.2017 05:39
Same-Sex Union high Rights, Family 26.03.2017 06:54
Crop Energy high Economy, Environment 26.03.2017 06:54
Animal shelters high Administration, Rights 28.03.2017 05:42
Pornography high Rights, Media 20.03.2017 05:38
The Nobility high Administration, Rights 24.03.2017 17:14
Candies normal Administration, Health 24.03.2017 17:13

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The right to death is as self-evident as the right to life.
In an uninhabited part of Unita, a terrorist prison camp led by the military is installed.
The state guarantees the liquidity of poorly managed banks in order to prevent economic catastrophe.
Alumni from Unita are favored in other countries because of their above-board knowledge of the dominant foreign technical terminology.
international weapon inspectors find no trace of forbidden weapons despite consistently burgeoning rumours of them
a province revolt slowly ceases while the local population stays uncontent
acquacultures are heavily subsidized and establish themselves as alternative to conventional fishing
Rumours are spreading that the secret service has full access to the Central Administration Database.
Nursery homes receive massive national aid.
Violence, sexual abuse and drug consumption in prisons are hardly affected.