Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Short Rests high Economy, Health 05.05.2016 11:12 08.05.2016 09:22
A Day Without TV high Education, Media 04.05.2016 13:24 08.05.2016 09:22
An Eye For An Eye? high Security, Rights 06.05.2016 08:47 07.05.2016 08:02
Culture coupons high Education, Media 05.05.2016 11:10 07.05.2016 08:02
Bankruptcy extremely high Economy, Abroad 06.05.2016 12:44 06.05.2016 12:44
Cannibalism high Security, Rights 04.05.2016 13:24 06.05.2016 12:44
Communication Data high Security, Rights 04.05.2016 13:24 06.05.2016 08:47
Broadcasting Licenses high Rights, Media 05.05.2016 11:11 05.05.2016 11:12
Machine Tax normal Economy, Budget 04.05.2016 13:24 05.05.2016 11:11
Filesharing Networks normal Economy, Rights 04.05.2016 13:24 05.05.2016 11:10
Birth limitation normal Rights, Family 04.05.2016 13:24 04.05.2016 13:24
Election Pledges normal Administration, Rights 04.05.2016 13:24 04.05.2016 13:24
Fire Destroys Parliament Building high Security, Rights 04.05.2016 13:24 04.05.2016 13:24

Former decisions had the following consequences:

To the amazement of foreign investors, managers have to stop business to have a break once an hour.
The newly mandated culture programs on TV drives people's will to read again.
Violence, sexual abuse and drug consumption in prisons are hardly affected.
excise tax is abolished on products seen as culturally valueable
Faltering private banks are not supported by the government.
People with habits that are considered abnormal often vanish into psychiatric wards of hospitals.
All communication data from citizens is saved and made available to the police and courts.
Freedom of speech advocates are concerned as Musostan uses politics as a reason to deny broadcasting licenses.
Subsidies for the use of machines eliminate thousands of jobs, but make for cheap appliances and electronics.
Because of across-the-board copyright protection charges, the Internet gets three times as expensive as before.