Quarter 28 - Autumn 1997

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Discounts for Seniors high Rights, Budget 09.02.2016 20:37
Immigration high Rights, Abroad 05.02.2016 13:29
Investment Subsidy normal Economy, Budget 13.02.2016 12:13
Sick Pay normal Economy, Health 13.02.2016 12:12
Blasphemy normal Education, Rights 12.02.2016 10:24
Lobbyists normal Economy, Rights 05.02.2016 13:29
Tobacco Advertising low Health, Media 13.02.2016 11:32

Former decisions had the following consequences:

from now on only adults are allowed to reveal themselves to ridiculousness in casting shows
a flatrate is introduced for public services, paid by all citizens equally
Newspapers report that the Chief of the Secret Service was suddenly fired without any reason.
Your own house is the only place where you are not monitored by security cameras.
Domestic corporations will not be prosecuted for their actions abroad, much to the dismay of many other states and international regulatory institutions.
Due to a central government database, bureaucratic processes become much faster.
Politicians don't give any election pledges since they can be sued for not keeping them.
an apprenticeship charge upsets economy but slowly results in an increasing number of positions
With enormous amounts of money Suedmexiko establishs a company in competion to private pharmaceutical companies.
autistic people are abducted by the military and used in secret facilities for unknown purposes