Heilige Republik



Reforms allow extensive changes to the state. Introducing a reform disallows solving task resolution and budget changes for this quarter. Additionally reforms can exclude other reforms and they need a certain regent influence. Your current influence is -2.14.

List of reforms

Title Abstract Required influence Status
Laicism Separate religion and state 2 introduced
Administration Reform Centralise citizen data 2 introduced
Pension Reform Income independent basic pension 3 not possible
Labor Market Reform Introduce work duty 3 not possible
Flat Income Tax Normalise income tax 3 not possible
Negative Income Tax Ramp up low incomes 3 introduced
Money Reform II Annul national debt 3 not possible
Basic Income Bonus income for citizens 4 not possible
Privatized health care Privatise health care system 4 not possible
Universal health care Nationalise health care system 4 not possible
Money Reform I Nationalise money creation 4 not possible
Militarism Expand military greatly 4 not possible
Employment Reform Introduce work right 5 not possible
Protectionism Seal off from imports 5 not possible
Pacifism Abolish military 5 not possible
Liberalism Liberalise society 6 not possible
Bank Reform I Nationalise banks partially 6 not possible
Judicial Reform Public crime insurance 6 not possible
Freigeld Reduce money value regularly 7 not possible
Transhumanism Upgrades for the most intelligent 7 not possible
Totalitarism Abolish separation of powers 7 not possible
Enhanced Basic Income High bonus income for citizens 7 not possible
Theocracy Alter state in a religious way 7 not possible
Monarchy Become king / queen 7 not possible
Egalitarian Transhumanism Socially acceptable human upgrades 7 not possible
Free land Nationalise land ownership 8 not possible
Anarcho-syndicalism Workers take over enterprises 8 not possible
Anarcho-Capitalism Mostly abolish state 8 not possible
Planned Economy Nationalise economy 9 not possible