sero Regent since Autumn 1990
Age 82
Popularity 4.96
Power 3.70
Int. reputation -0.51
Health -1.41
Influence 6.70
Elections 0%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 0%
Tasks sat out 2%
Quarters without action 19 Quarters
Enforced reforms 7
Changes of the budget 45
Average voting results 63%
Re-elections 12



208 Election result 65%
207 Change of budget
206 Separatists
205 Sports
In Vitro Fertilization
204 Ding Dong
Regional Press Secretaries
203 Change of budget
202 Product Liability
201 Legalize It!
License to Kill
Forced Rehabilitation
Corporate database
199 Change of budget
198 Barriers
197 Secret State Police
Border fortification
196 Junk and shoddy
195 Change of budget
194 eDemocracy
193 Just Three Colours
Organized Crime
192 Electricity Tariff
Freedom of Art
Election result 67%
191 Change of budget
190 Direct Marketing
Toxic waste
189 Genetically Modified Food
Morning Exercise
188 Fighter Jets
187 Change of budget
185 Animal Experiments
Company Secrets
Larks and owls
184 Hard drugs
183 Change of budget
182 Homelessness
Wage Reduction
Boundary dispute
181 Corruption Abroad
Random event: a nighttime bomb attack at Ministry of Labor luckily claims no casualties
180 Catacombs
179 Change of budget
Random event: a renegade insider uncovered that Preussen_ staged a plane crash which caused death of more than hundred terror suspects from Makreich
178 Need for Speed?
Criminal Immigrants
177 Capital Gains Tax
Tax evaders
Random event: over and over occuring strikes of small employee groups delay economical development
176 A Matter Of Taste
Election result 64%
175 Change of budget
174 Malonite
173 Cartels and collusions
172 Additional Welfare
171 Change of budget
Random event: rumors that parliament's blaze was staged increase distrust against sero
170 Libraries
169 Psychotherapy
Road Workers