Philanthropische Republik

Bratti Forevergreen

Quarter 63 - Autumn 2005

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Alimony extremely high Rights, Family 25.09.2013 08:22
Freedom to Strike extremely high Economy, Rights 25.09.2013 04:41
Medicants high Health, Budget 25.09.2013 08:38
Closing Time high Economy, Rights 25.09.2013 08:24
Welfare Minimum high Economy, Budget 25.09.2013 08:22
Internships normal Economy, Rights 25.09.2013 08:38
Capital Gains Tax normal Economy, Budget 25.09.2013 08:40

Former decisions had the following consequences:

There are adequate quantities of organs such that waiting lists are no longer needed.
Students from some schools miserably fail the new standardized graduation tests.
The citizens of Bratti Forever are declared the best dressed people worldwide by the international press.
Cities are slowly upgraded by new public parks.
The state now only guarantees the life and property of its citizens as the "invisible hand" of capitalism takes over.
Bratti Forever has deposed of all nuclear weapons and has relinquished its status as a nuclear power
Seniors enjoy extensive discounts for public transportation, recreation, and entertainment.
because of the forced reduction in labor time, enterprises often force their employees to work faster and harder
Since citizens no longer have to sort their trash, many new buildings are constructed with giant trash chutes.
More and more departments are being outsourced to other countries.