haha230187 Regent since Spring 1990
Age 57
Popularity -2.17
Power 3.86
Int. reputation 0.32
Health 1.90
Influence 0.08
Elections 0%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 0%
Tasks sat out 0%
Quarters without action 5 Quarters
Enforced reforms 1
Changes of the budget 20
Average voting results 50%
Re-elections 6


Quarter 96: You won the recent election after your rival candidate, who was in the lead, was arrested for mysterious drug charges.
Quarter 80: By harassing many opposition voters with thugs, you won the election.


No medals so far.


106 Fighter Jets
Work on Weekends
Broadcasting Licenses
Competitive Sports
104 Regional Press Secretaries
103 Change of budget
102 Animal Experiments
Morning Exercise
101 Road Workers
100 Flood Disaster
Criminal Immigrants
99 Change of budget
98 Sports
97 Violent Television Programs
Fair Trade
96 State Visit
Public transit
Election result 46%
95 Change of budget
94 Retirement Savings Plans
Boycott Website
93 Alimony
92 Questionaire
Weapon inspectors
91 Change of budget
90 Tax Liability In Foreign Countries
89 Patent Use
Land Reclamation
88 Film Editing
87 Administration Reform
86 Closing Time
Animal shelters
85 A Matter Of Taste
The Nobility
Mom and Pop Shops
83 Change of budget
82 Illegal Immigration
Class Cancellations
81 Emissions Trading
Profit Sharing
80 Inheritance Tax
Corruption Abroad
Election result 49%
79 Change of budget
78 Salary justification
Rating Agencies
77 Boundary dispute
76 Food Stamps
School Uniforms
74 Tabloids
Escapade Services
73 Costs of tax advice
72 Surveillance Cameras
Organized Crime
71 Change of budget
70 Barriers
Random event: the felicitous Great Exhibition in Bergel improves international reputation
69 Overtime
Nursing Homes