Demokratische Republik

Orinokia red


Neonaffe_84 Regent since Spring 1990
Age 60
Popularity -4.88
Power 1.90
Int. reputation -7.13
Health 65.32
Influence 3.95
Elections 0%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 6%
Tasks sat out 3%
Quarters without action 45 Quarters
Enforced reforms 3
Changes of the budget 14
Average voting results 64%
Re-elections 7


No medals so far.


120 Retirement Savings Plans
119 Change of budget
118 Public Broadcasters
Direct Marketing
117 Banking Confidentiality
Surveillance of employment areas
Just Three Colours
115 Change of budget
Random event: auction proceeds of broadband licences are a great benefit for the budget
114 Prohibition
Scat Pornography
113 Dam
Coitus duty
112 Road Workers
Attack Dogs
Election result 59%
111 Change of budget
110 Sick Pay
Meatless Future
Stem Cell Research
Junk and shoddy
108 Political Contributions
106 The Nobility
Regional Press Secretaries
Inheritance Tax
Adult Education
104 Labor Unions
103 Change of budget
101 Discounts for Seniors
99 Change of budget
98 State Funded Newspapers
Welfare Minimum
Plagiarism scandal
96 Standardized Testing
Election result 66%
95 Change of budget
94 Random event: foreign countries are disgusted when several top athletes from Orinokia were caught doping
93 Marching of Nazis
Machine Tax
89 Tax Liability In Foreign Countries
School Attendance
Representative Monarchy
87 Pornography
Filesharing Networks
Culture coupons
84 Denial
83 Change of budget