Total Monarchy


Quarter 162 - Spring 2031


Cure for Malaria active

Research on cures for hair loss and erectile dysfunction are funded with more than twice the budget of the research on cures for poverty diseases which kill millions every year.


Total costs: 119.14 Bil.
Costs per year, for 100% PE projects 59.57 Bil.
Completed in quarter 24


"A scandalous situation. There is no medicine against Malaria just because the people suffering from it have no money!" complains Sebastien Pricklegrief, a physician of the aid organization "Doctors with motors". "With proper capital effective cures would have been developed a long time ago. I see it as the moral duty of the state to found a research facility which develops cures and vaccines against Malaria. As soon as this is done, the medicaments should be given away for free, to the states in need. So nobody has to die from an unnecessary death any longer, and our worldwide reputation will increase. Once the cure is found, we will go on and fight other poverty diseases."

Exclusions and requirements

Requirement for: Medicine against Malaria