Human IIIred


Lunar Colony active

The minister of science thinks time is ripe for construction of a colony on the moon.


Total costs: 1,968.75 Bil.
Costs per year, for 100% PE projects 112.50 Bil.
Completed in quarter 188


"After many years of hard work, we are finally ready! Colonization of the moon is within reach and can be financed. If we want to be the first up there we must launch-off now!" raves Sigguard Yan, whose father was among the very first astronauts. "The reputation of our nation going to grow significantly but of course is not the only reason. Research can advance, tourists from all over can enjoy walking on the moon and we can even allow a better life for our elderly and terminally ill citizens. In the long run it is a very rewarding investment!"

Lunar Colony

Exclusions and requirements

Requires: Missiles