Quarter 119 - Autumn 2019

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
A Matter Of Taste extremely high Rights, Abroad 21.08.2021 10:00
Naturalization extremely high Rights, Abroad 16.08.2021 08:24
Freedom of Movement extremely high Economy, Abroad 24.08.2021 08:39
Salary justification high Economy, Rights 28.08.2021 11:32
Land Reclamation normal Environment, Infrastructure 28.08.2021 11:32
Patent Use normal Economy, Rights 24.08.2021 08:39
Adoption normal Rights, Family 25.08.2021 08:36

Former decisions had the following consequences:

a giant wall bulkheads Paulonia hermetically off from outside world
The latest celebrity gossip makes headlines while many important government decisions are lost in the back pages of newspapers.
numerous prominents leave the country to indulge in cocaine elsewhere
Giant statues and religious symbols are built everywhere to honor the God-sent ruler H2-Pontifex as non-believers hide in fear from the religious police.
Public pools are sold to private investors or just demolished.
Family members are slapped with the debts of their deceased relatives, thus credit corporations aggressively market complicated and confusing high-rate loans to the elderly and sick.
Public universities churn out a new generation of government conformist "yes-men".
Even atheists have to pay severe penalties for not attending religious schooling on Sundays.
There are adequate quantities of organs such that waiting lists are no longer needed.
Players enjoy themselves in illegal gambling dens, which become more and more common.