Deutsches Reich


Quarter 194 - Autumn 2038

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Burial Rituals high Administration, Rights 14.09.2021 22:14
Candies normal Administration, Health 14.09.2021 22:14
Profit Sharing normal Economy, Rights 17.09.2021 20:52
Adoption normal Rights, Family 17.09.2021 20:53
Patent Use normal Economy, Rights 11.09.2021 01:10
Closing Time NEW normal Economy, Rights 18.09.2021 23:24
Labor Unions NEW low Economy, Rights 18.09.2021 23:25

Former decisions had the following consequences:

There is only a handful of online games of every category left and all in the hand of a single company.
Church bells are dismantled and sold as scrap metal across Memelland-Madagaskar.
"BuyaBarron.com" business is booming as the rich buy into the nobility.
A think-tank decides quickly and unbureaucratically about expedient subsidies into new markets.
Emigration of academics slows, while students studying at foreign universities increases dramatically.
extensive prevention programs against child abuse slowly deliver results
Foreign homosexual couples are openly lured to Memelland-Madagaskar through TV and radio commercials offering them the possibility to marry and gain citizenship in the same ceremony for a large fee.
Human rights councils restrict free speech and cast fear over media outlets as many "trials" take place behind closed doors with dubiously appointed members.
citizens scrap their old cars like crazy, to get an incentive for new ones, while used-car dealers suffer
Terrorists are tortured in Memelland-Madagaskar by executive order.