Human Igreen

Quarter 141 - Winter 2025

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Profit Sharing high Economy, Rights 21.07.2021 01:15
The Nobility high Administration, Rights 21.07.2021 01:16
Filesharing Networks NEW high Economy, Rights 25.07.2021 19:26
Autism high Education, Family 21.07.2021 01:16
Water NEW normal Economy, Infrastructure 25.07.2021 19:27
Adoption normal Rights, Family 16.07.2021 17:48
Escapade Services normal Rights, Family 23.07.2021 19:54

Former decisions had the following consequences:

A "traffic light" symbol on food packaging allows for easier nutritional orientation for consumers
Millionaires consider parking tickets as nothing more but valet charges.
Unofficial secret agents manipulate decision makers in other countries so that Human I companies will be favored.
Church bells are dismantled and sold as scrap metal across Human I.
Parents get reduced child benefits for fat kids.
in Human I a cure for all types of cancer has been found and everywhere in the world memorials are built in honor of optimus rex
Products from Human I are very expensive, but are perceived as quality goods.
The entire aircraft industry is nationalized amid strong protests from executives and stockholders.
School attendance sharply increases when some teachers go to school without wearing a top.
temporary work has become significantly more expensive since wage of contract workers has be adjusted