No Reforms Igreen

Quarter 181 - Autumn 2035

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Sabbaticals high Economy, Rights 29.07.2021 23:05
Driver's License NEW normal Rights, Infrastructure 05.08.2021 18:09
Antisocial Behavior NEW normal Security, Rights 05.08.2021 18:09
Adult Education normal Economy, Education 02.08.2021 18:07
Public service dues normal Administration, Budget 04.08.2021 19:17
Discipline normal Health, Education 01.08.2021 22:37
The Nobility normal Administration, Rights 02.08.2021 18:07

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Even extremist radio and TV stations are granted broadcasting licenses.
Emigration of academics slows, while students studying at foreign universities increases dramatically.
Membership in a martial arts club is made into obligatory national defense service.
Criminal immigrants are quickly expelled after their prison sentence is completed.
The trash police clap severe fines on people who don't sort their trash correctly.
Parents get reduced child benefits for fat kids.
A giant hydro-electric dam brings high earnings for the state and valley residents who now live in mansions on the coast.
new bunker facilities and border fortifications create anxieties for the neighbours of No Reforms I
government uses Makreich's aggression to implement a build-up of arms
Bounties are announced for the capture of illegal immigrants.