tyranny of the Republic of


Quarter 194 - Winter 2038

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Calls for tenders high Economy, Rights 26.06.2021 04:44
Interfaces high Rights, Infrastructure 13.07.2021 22:20
Attitude tests high Administration, Abroad 06.07.2021 18:39
Maternity normal Budget, Family 21.06.2021 12:42
Native Language Music normal Education, Media 13.07.2021 20:26
Forced Labor normal Security, Rights 26.06.2021 04:41
Competitive Sports normal Health, Abroad 06.07.2021 18:56

Former decisions had the following consequences:

in ZEROS a cure for all types of cancer has been found and everywhere in the world memorials are built in honor of mcniteblox
during an ominous accident terror suspects die who were accommodated by ZEROS for Makreich before
Taxation on emissions increase research, but discourage new investments in the energy industry.
The trade unions agree to a wage reduction in order to prevent the demise of export-oriented enterprises.
The elderly sink large amounts of money into houses, jewelery, and enterprises to escape the inheritance tax.
neuro enhancement becomes normal in many professions
There are adequate quantities of organs such that waiting lists are no longer needed.
A colossal hydro-electric dam is built to contribute to the energy supply.
The sales of sports cars rapidly diminish.
There are virtually no private building projects for the destitute underclass.