Quarter 178 - Winter 2034

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Prohibition normal Health, Rights 20.06.2021 10:50
Boycott Website normal Economy, Rights 22.06.2021 16:29
Militia normal Security, Administration 20.06.2021 10:50
eDemocracy normal Administration, Rights 20.06.2021 10:49
Forced Rehabilitation normal Health, Rights 20.06.2021 10:49
Adult Education low Economy, Education 20.06.2021 10:49
Tax Liability In Foreign Countries low Abroad, Budget 22.06.2021 16:28

Former decisions had the following consequences:

youths don't get any hard alcoholic drinks
Ballots are dozens of pages long as citizens' initiatives receive government aid for all kinds of questionable topics.
Mandatory union membership for all employees leads to an increase in employment, but a decrease in salaries and wages.
androids are slowly introduced into everyday life on rigorous conditions
Nursery homes receive massive national aid.
The newly mandated culture programs on TV drives people's will to read again.
Subsidies are often used to shut down old factories and to rebuild new ones in high unemployment areas.
acquacultures are heavily subsidized and establish themselves as alternative to conventional fishing
The state is obligated to provide a preschool space for every child.
Many crimes often remain unsolved because phone connections may no longer be checked.