Quarter 189 - Winter 2037

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Child abuse NEW high Security, Family 24.06.2021 12:55
Profit Sharing high Economy, Rights 14.06.2021 14:55
Polygraph high Security, Rights 14.06.2021 14:56
Escapade Services high Rights, Family 14.06.2021 14:55
Family Liability normal Rights, Family 17.06.2021 14:45
Online Games normal Economy, Media 21.06.2021 16:19
Quotas NEW normal Rights, Family 24.06.2021 12:54

Former decisions had the following consequences:

fire service receives a massive increase of public grants
The number of police officers in Eurogermania has been greatly increased.
Job applicants are protected against employers requesting personal information not required for employment.
Along with a leash, plastic bag, and pooper-scooper, dog owners must now carry a pet identification card with picture for security purposes.
People move closer to their jobs since commuting transport expenses cannot be deducted from taxes.
Foreign terrorists beware of hijacking citizens from Eurogermania.
polygamy of every type is now allowed
Because commissions and bonuses are not taxed, fixed salaries are lowered massively.
heavily regimented nano factory enterprises barely keep up with foreign competitors, but the population is relieved
Journalism is controlled by corporate pressure groups.