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Quarter 194 - Winter 2038

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Homelessness extremely high Rights, Infrastructure 18.04.2019 22:30
Sports high Health, Rights 18.04.2019 22:30
Freedom to Strike high Economy, Rights 22.04.2019 13:31
Bzzzzz.... normal Environment, Health 23.04.2019 15:33
Whaling normal Environment, Rights 22.04.2019 13:32
Pesticides normal Environment, Health 22.04.2019 13:32
Discipline low Health, Education 18.04.2019 22:29

Former decisions had the following consequences:

through public grants conditions in orphanages are improved dramatically
finally nuclear fusion is available for profitable use
tedious international negotiations eventually result in Makreich retreating from Evropa
Many real estate agencies have to close down because many people begin to buy and sell homes themselves.
lobbyists prevent introduction of eDemocracy
Many pupils cannot afford school books.
Public ownership of government buildings is confirmed, despite some large offers from private investors.
With enormous amounts of money Evropa establishs a company in competion to private pharmaceutical companies.
The state is obligated to provide a preschool space for every child.
national control of labor time limits enterprises in their flexibility