Quarter 161 - Spring 2030

Open tasks

Title Urgency Categories Assignment
Public Broadcasters high Rights, Media 12.03.2019 06:29
Overtime high Economy, Health 17.03.2019 17:16
Additional Welfare high Economy, Budget 16.03.2019 08:45
Airfare high Environment, Infrastructure 19.03.2019 08:20
Creativity Drugs high Health, Rights 13.03.2019 07:59
Advanced Robotics normal Economy, Education 19.03.2019 08:19
Anti-Juvenile Frequency normal Security, Rights 17.03.2019 17:15

Former decisions had the following consequences:

In all downtown areas, homeless people gather outside of shelters and soup kitchens in large numbers.
As salaries for investment consultants and stockbrokers are still horrendously high that results in public displeasure.
rating agencies are subject to elaborate state control
School attendance sharply increases when some teachers go to school without wearing a top.
Labor unions and employer associations regularly debate about agreed wages.
Millions of pets are happy about their new companions due to strict ownership laws.
Grundaland becomes more and more renowned as one of the greatest sport nations.
Electricity consumers also pay for advertising from the various electricity providers.
Random event: the so called sheepflu disquiets the people in Grundaland
Insurance companies pay compensation to current clients and then greatly raise prices for those who have yet to purchase retirement savings plans.