Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Pandemia extremely high Health, Abroad 17.05.2019 17:39 17.05.2019 17:40
Sports extremely high Health, Rights 11.05.2019 20:45 17.05.2019 17:39
Just Three Colours extremely high Economy, Health 14.05.2019 14:06 17.05.2019 17:37
Banking Confidentiality high Economy, Budget 11.05.2019 20:54 14.05.2019 14:07
Minimum Wage high Economy, Rights 11.05.2019 23:11 14.05.2019 14:07
Plagiarism scandal extremely high Education, Media 14.05.2019 14:05 14.05.2019 14:06
Election Pledges extremely high Administration, Rights 11.05.2019 20:45 14.05.2019 14:05
Many gaudy smarties extremely high Administration, Health 11.05.2019 20:54 14.05.2019 14:04
Birth limitation extremely high Rights, Family 11.05.2019 20:45 14.05.2019 14:03
Machine Tax normal Economy, Budget 11.05.2019 20:45 11.05.2019 23:11
Lobbyists low Economy, Rights 11.05.2019 20:45 11.05.2019 20:54
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 11.05.2019 20:45 11.05.2019 20:54

Former decisions had the following consequences:

Due to a central government database, bureaucratic processes become much faster.
a fulminating pandemia is ignored and the population is conciliated...
The membership fees for sports teams are paid by the state, even for such activities as finger wrestling, kite-flying, and speed reading.
More and more diseases are traced back to wrong nutritional information
Many millionaires move to foreign countries.
The minimum wage is set at just enough to survive at a basic level.
Macchus comments the cheat charges against a popular minister in a cautious way
Politicians who lie to get elected go to jail for perjury.
citizens are still dependent on good will of doctors when they want certain medicines
Neuland fights the explosion of population with an offer for sterilization at no cost for ages thirty and older.