Title Urgency Categories Assignment Done
Road Workers high Education, Rights 21.10.2017 11:03 22.10.2017 22:14
Company Secrets high Economy, Rights 21.10.2017 10:57 22.10.2017 22:12
Accommodation of terror suspects extremely high Rights, Abroad 21.10.2017 11:08 22.10.2017 10:01
Human Rights Council normal Rights, Abroad 21.10.2017 11:06 21.10.2017 11:08
Filesharing Networks normal Economy, Rights 21.10.2017 10:57 21.10.2017 11:06
Violent Television Programs high Health, Media 21.10.2017 11:04 21.10.2017 11:05
Birth limitation high Rights, Family 21.10.2017 10:57 21.10.2017 11:04
Fighter Jets high Security, Budget 21.10.2017 10:57 21.10.2017 11:03
Fire Destroys Parliament Building extremely high Security, Rights 21.10.2017 10:57 21.10.2017 11:01

Former decisions had the following consequences:

The national research institute for the development of drugs against diseases of poverty has been completed. Now, research on a cure for malaria started.
Due to government funding, students don't ever need to work during their studies.
Foreign investors relocate their capital to other countries since their secrets are no longer secure in GIGACITY.
GIGACITY rejects the accomodation of terror suspects from Makreich
Official courts debate over cases of freedom of speech and press for years.
Record labels install their own filesharing networks with low fees for legal downloads.
More and more traumatized and hyperactive children have to seek psychological counseling due to violent TV programs.
GIGACITY fights the explosion of population with an offer for sterilization at no cost for ages thirty and older.
The state arms the military moderately.
Opposition parties try to pin the blame for the fire in the legislative building on your party.