Details of the alliance

Leader: Bearland / Pawel Sikorski
Vice: Greenland / Pawel Sikorski
Description: The Augsburg Trade Organization (ATO) is an international organization that facilitates global commerce between countries. The ATO is the world's largest international economic organization. The ATO facilitates trade in goods, services, and intellectual property by providing a framework for reducing or eliminating tariffs, quotas, and other restrictions. The ATO is headquartered in Istanbul. Its top decision-making body is the Executive Council, made up of representatives from all members and chaired by the Director-General, currently Mevlut Cavusoglu.
Flag (not selectable for world states): flagge
Strength: 6.88
Influence: 4.08
Alliance military: 357 (49.9 %)
Members: 4 / 25
Recent applications: 0
Foundation: 25.03.2021
Tobin tax no
Common tracing Yes
Technology transfer Yes
Election mode Majority
Membership rate 2.0 %
Alliance cash 3634 Billions


Membername Regent Member since last action Ally worth
Bearland Pawel Sikorski 24.06.2021 18.10.2021 2.86
Greenland Pawel Sikorski 07.04.2021 18.10.2021 1.69
SixFold Markh1986 06.04.2021 19.10.2021 0.62
Eastern Bearland Pawel Sikorski 18.04.2021 18.10.2021 0.08