Political browser-based game and economic simulation

Ars Regendi is a browser-based political game that lets you take the reigns of your own, realistically simulated states. You will be asked to weigh in on various matters of state and - faced with a number of choices - any decision you make will have ramifications for the well-being of your virtual populace! In addition, you will be able to form alliances with other countries, initiate reforms and adjust the budget. Ars Regendi is a highly realistic and complex economic simulation that squares you off against other state leaders and puts your political and financial abilities to the test. But beware - running a country is not as easy as you might think and if you don't measure-up, you could find yourself out-of-office pretty soon!

In this multiplayer online game you may experience politics and economics in an informative, thrilling and entertaining way!

Lead your people to fortune and prosperity

or secure your power with an iron fist!

  • You only need internet access for this browser-based online game
  • Completely free in the basic version, two states at once possible
  • Successfully playable without much effort
  • For registration only a valid email adress is neccessary
1. Prestigiousness of our GBT
The responsible person of Ars Regendi provides the gaming platform and the forum on basis of the following terms. Within the registration, the user accedes these terms by assigning the “I have read, understood and accepted the General Business Terms!” box and clicking “Register”. At all times the GBT are valid in their current version, which can be seen at this page. Each user is responsible for himself to be up to date with the newest GBT. After changing the GBT, the new changes will be accepted by remaining on this page. Alternatively you may delete your account on your personal start site.

2. General game settings

All names, organizations and institutions are fictitious. No political attitude or operations will be publicized and all decisions are made on dispassionate deliberations.

3. The duty of registration
To be within the ranking system and play one or more countries and be able to interact with our forum a registration is officially required. The registration is complimentary. Everyone who accepts the GBT and the privacy policy of Ars Regendi can register to the game. It is in the duty of our responsible persons to accept, decline, circumscribe or revoke registrations to Ars Regendi. To validate a registration, the user have to fill in a valid email address where he can be contacted any time. Each user is responsible for himself to keep the email address updated. Each person is allowed to have one registration at Ars Regendi, multiple registrations by one person is not allowed. Exceptions are only allowed if the responsible person is giving an explicit permission.

4. Premium user
We are a small business as defined in Section 19 of the (German) Value Added Tax Act (Umsatzsteuergesetz) and, therefore, we do not charge any sales taxes.

5. Right of Withdrawal
You can withdraw from your contractual statement within two weeks without stating reasons in writing (e.g. letter or e-mail). The term begins after the receipt of this instruction in writing, but not before the conclusion of the contract and not before the fulfillment of our duties to inform according to § 312c clause 2 BGB, in connection with § 1 clause 1,2 and 3 BGB-InfoV and not before the fulfillment of our duties according to § 312e clause 1 sentence 1 BGB in combination with § 3 BGB-InfoV. The punctual dispatch of the withdrawal of purchased coins (prices see price list) is sufficient for the ensuring of the withdrawal right. The withdrawal has to be sent to: Redmaze Marc Böttenberg - Responsible Person: Marc Böttenberg - Lorettostraße 56 - 40219 Düsseldorf - Germany - Tel.: ++49 211 74958194 - mboettenberg@redmaze.de

Consequences of withdrawal
In case of an effective withdrawal, both sides have to reimburse for the received accomplishments and if applicable to repay for possible uses (e.g. interests). If you are partially or completely unable to reimburse for received accomplishments or if it is reimbursed in a declined state, you have a duty of value replacement. Commitments of the refund of payments have to be fulfilled in 30 days. The term begins with the dispatch of your withdrawal, for you with its receiving.

Special advice
In case of a provision of services, your right of withdrawal expires prematurely if your co-contractor has initiated the services with your explicit acceptance before the end of the term or you have initiated it yourself.

6. Data protection

Your entries
For identification during registration we only need your e-mail address. All other information is optional. Your user dashboard has a direct link to delete your account, which also deletes all of your information. As a rule, your posts in the forum then can no longer be assigned to your person. There is no right for the deletion of the contributions you have written by the website operator, but you can do this yourself at any time as long as your account is still active. If you select "Receive emails" during the registration process, this includes newsletters and, if necessary, information about new forum posts or game events to the email address provided. You can disable this feature at any time in your forum profile. Your data will never be passed on to third parties unless legal regulations so require.

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7. Safety
All users of ars-regendi.com know about the risk that decoded webconnections can be seen and manipulated by unauthorized 3rd persons. To avoid this we insist our users to choose a serious password. The user himself is in charge to take care about local security settings. ”Ars Regendi” will not be responsible if someone unauthorized is trying to gain access to the “Ars Regendi” account of one of our users, if this happens due to a problem in the browser settings and/or any defects in our users system.

8. Access to the website
The usage of Ars Regendi is at one’s own risk. The responsible persons insist that there is no guarantee that Ars Regendi will be available at anytime without any disconnection, safe and failure-free. It is barred to raise a claim against the responsible persons if there is any material or ideational damage through using or non-using the presented information respectively through the usage of incorrect or incomplete information, as soon as there is no criminal intent or carelessness on the part of the responsible person.

9. User generated posts and threads in the forum
Each post or thread in the forum represents the personal view of the editor. Each user have to carry responsibility for legality of created post or thread made within his account. Each user engages to obey the governing law within new created posts or threads. Particularly the user is beholden not to infringe a trademark or copyright, that applies to the avatar and nickname too. It is not allowed to post threads with illegal, calumniatory, abusive and inhuman content as well as posts contains content of Glorifying violence. In no case it is allowed to announce personal information of others regardless its truth. By transmitting the post to the forum, the user gives the irretrievable right to the persons in charge to publish his post or thread. It is precluded to claim for deleting or editing an published article. Within the registration the user entitle the persons in charge to edit, delete or relocate, any articles published by him, within their own discretion. This is also valid for annulling user edited posts. The operator is beholden to mark any articles edited by him. There is no right of appeal. All rights considering articles inside the forum remain to the composer. It is not allowed to publish articles outside the forum without the composers permission. The connection to the forum can be cut by Ars Regendi anytime without any allegation.