Political browser-based game and economic simulation

Ars Regendi is a browser-based political game that lets you take the reigns of your own, realistically simulated states. You will be asked to weigh in on various matters of state and - faced with a number of choices - any decision you make will have ramifications for the well-being of your virtual populace! In addition, you will be able to form alliances with other countries, initiate reforms and adjust the budget. Ars Regendi is a highly realistic and complex economic simulation that squares you off against other state leaders and puts your political and financial abilities to the test. But beware - running a country is not as easy as you might think and if you don't measure-up, you could find yourself out-of-office pretty soon!

In this multiplayer online game you may experience politics and economics in an informative, thrilling and entertaining way!

Lead your people to fortune and prosperity

or secure your power with an iron fist!

  • You only need internet access for this browser-based online game
  • Completely free in the basic version, two states at once possible
  • Successfully playable without much effort
  • For registration only a valid email adress is neccessary
Short instruction
Ars Regendi is not difficult to learn. This brief instruction already contains the most important points. Here is the detailed tutorial to complete it and an overview about your possibilities in Ars Regendi. To enlarge the pictures just click on them.

1. After registration you can create your first country. To do this you have to select one of the model states and enter some information about your new country. After that you have to evaluate a few quotations from famous persons to set the course of your young state, that can look like that:


2. Now the first tasks are ready, which will be filled up with new ones, if you execute one. A day in the real life is three months in the life of your state. The guidance system will show with green links where new options appear.

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3. Every decision has consequences, which you can look up under Details. There you also find the budget which you can alter in the winter.

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4. Even stronger consequences have the reforms, for which you need some influence.


5. Your influence is shown on the regent page. There are some secret files you can use in case of emergency.


It is always advisable to be a member of an alliance. The other members often can help you in difficult decisions which you have to make to lead your people to wealth and prosperity and/or to stay in power as long as possible. Have fun with that!