Esser Union

Recent reform-acclamation

Reform Egalitarian Transhumanism
Theme Left-wingers who consider transhumanist ideas also see the dangers of leaving transhumanist technologies to the private market.
Description of the reform "Our technology has reached a level that allows us to improve the human body both genetically and technically. There is no reason why we shouldn't use these technologies." thinks Dr. John Miller, a professor of genetics at the university of Esser Union. "However, contrary to what some of my colleagues believe, this technological development cannot replace all social and societal development, especially because of the danger of the creation of a superior elite and an excluded subproletariate. Therefore, we not only have to invest in those technologies, but also set up social and economical programs that secure the availability of those technologies for the whole of society."
Quarters until the enforcement of the reform: 3

Possible reforms

Title Categories Required influence
Laicism 2.00
Administration Reform 2.00
Pension Reform 3.00
Labor Market Reform 3.00
Flat Income Tax 3.00
Negative Income Tax 3.00
Money Reform II 3.00

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