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Reform Negative Income Tax
Theme Some economists plead for the implementation of a negative income tax to establish more tax equity and to reduce bureaucracy.
Description of the reform "A negative income tax without a poverty test would save untold amounts by eliminating the complicated Welfare Department!" thinks Dr. Viola Sechser, professor of economics at a technical university. "The cost of living is subtracted from one half of a citizen's income and this amount is paid as a tax by every employee, or it is paid to them if it is a negative number. Thus, there is a higher incentive to work which is not done by the welfare system. This will also make the tax system fair, equitable, and easy to understand for all citizens! Of course the needy will still be provided by welfare."
Quarters until the enforcement of the reform: 4

Possible reforms

Title Categories Required influence
Laicism 2.00
Administration Reform 2.00
Pension Reform 3.00
Labor Market Reform 3.00
Flat Income Tax 3.00
Negative Income Tax 3.00
Money Reform II 3.00

Previous acclamations

Title Categories Elected?
Administration Reform enforced
Administration Reform enforced
Negative Income Tax enforced