Details of the alliance

Leader: Irkutsk / Alexei B.Miller
Vice: Bleuthaenum / Anton Fugger
Description: The North American Confederation (NoAmCon) is an alliance dedicated to the maintenance of stability in Brasilia. Despite being a regional alliance, non-North American nations are also encouraged to apply for membership. Member-nations are required to establish friendly diplomatic relations with each other as well as defend each other militarily. Member-nations are also strongly encouraged to prioritize each other when considering enactment of international trade agreements.
Flag (not selectable for world states): flagge
Strength: 12.39
Influence: 6.11
Alliance military: 2488 (73.3 %)
Members: 4 / 25
Recent applications: 0
Foundation: 29.12.2016
Tobin tax no
Common tracing Yes
Technology transfer Yes
Election mode Majority
Membership rate 0.1 %
Alliance cash 2545 Billions


Membername Regent Member since last action Ally worth
Bleuthaenum Anton Fugger 12.05.2017 24.09.2017 9.26
Irkutsk Alexei B.Miller 23.05.2017 24.09.2017 1.25
Koran Anton Fugger 09.07.2017 24.09.2017 1.12
Vogelstein cloudsky01 13.05.2017 24.09.2017 0.09