Ki Long

Details of the alliance

Leader: Milchregen / milchkartoffel
Vice: -
Description: The alliance Ki Long is an alliance of countries dedicated to the believes of the religion Ki Long. To accept an application the applicant needs a religion value of at least 33% and in religion one of the denomiantions of the Ki Long: Dharma Ki, Veda Ki or Pana Ki. Link: http://forum.ars-regendi.com/ki-long-t-17003.html#pid219117
Flag (not selectable for world states): flagge
Strength: 0.00
Influence: 0.00
Alliance military: 0 (0 %)
Members: 0 / 25
Recent applications: 0
Foundation: 19.09.2011
Tobin tax no
Common tracing Yes
Technology transfer Yes
Election mode Majority
Membership rate 0.1 %
Alliance cash 2314 Billions


Membername Regent Member since last action Ally worth