Details of the alliance

Leader: Südafrika / Pawel Sikorski
Vice: Karelien / Pawel Sikorski
Description: The African Confederation is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to the development of the African continent. All African countries and any wealthy nations which are willing contribute to the Confederation Treasury are eligible for membership.
Flag (not selectable for world states): flagge
Strength: 3.28
Influence: 2.21
Alliance military: 466 (72.3 %)
Members: 3 / 25
Recent applications: 0
Foundation: 13.08.2021
Tobin tax no
Common tracing Yes
Technology transfer Yes
Election mode Majority
Membership rate 0.5 %
Alliance cash 683 Billions


Membername Regent Member since last action Ally worth
Karelien Pawel Sikorski 23.08.2021 19.05.2022 1.54
Wessentin JanniZep 14.02.2022 18.05.2022 0.76
Südafrika Pawel Sikorski 18.08.2021 19.05.2022 0.15