Okkultanische Kolonie


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Fingolfin Regent since Autumn 1990
Age 126
Popularity 5.56
Power 4.86
Int. reputation 13.11
Health -1.84
Influence 17.25
Elections 0%

Regent's statistics

Referenda 1%
Tasks sat out 1%
Quarters without action 183 Quarters
Enforced reforms 10
Changes of the budget 61
Average voting results 65%
Re-elections 23


Quarter 232: Because of the strict surveillance of dissenters, a plot against you has been foiled.
Quarter 32: You won the recent election after your rival candidate, who was in the lead, was arrested for mysterious drug charges.



385 Change of budget
384 Election result 69%
381 Change of budget
377 Change of budget
373 Change of budget
369 Change of budget
368 Election result 71%
365 Change of budget
364 Privatization of Governmental Buildings
Tax evaders
361 Change of budget
357 Change of budget
353 Change of budget
352 Election result 70%