Economy simulation

Economy simulation as a browser-based game

Ars Regendi attempts to reproduce a complete economy based on economic models and theories. To our knowledge, there is still no other attempt to a public economy simulation where states are realistically modelled.

For this in Ars Regendi economic models and data were used, combined with individual assessments and feedback from a large community. The formula system of this economic simulation includes over five hundred formulas with up to twenty parameters. Everything affects everything, even across many periods.

An economy is confined not only to economic data. A realistic business simulation must take into account all aspects of human life, since they all influence economic life. That includes education, culture, entertainment, environment, justice and population structure. A realistic economic simulation which does not take such aspects into account should at least not be described as economy simulation.

Ars Regendi started as a simulation of individual states connected only through alliances. In the course of time, states were settled in virtual worlds and can now interact by commercial contracts up to warfare. So Ars Regendi became an economic simulation and a geopolitical simulation in which all state classes are represented, developing countries up to superpowers. The player is intended to feel the geopolitical situation his nation is in.