Political Game

Politics game

On the Internet you can play many political browser games. Most of these games are but small flash games, where players throw shoes or rotten eggs at a caricatured George W. Bush, or maybe a dancing Angela Merkel. But Ars Regendi is a very different kind of political game, namely a complex business simulation of an entire national economy. So a player can try out his own political ideas in a country and observe the effects. This type of policy game claims to be serious and therefore belongs to the politainment genre of serious games. To our knowledge, no other policy game or business simulation claims to be that realistic and keeps to this promise. And in no other business simulation or politics game you have the chance to try so many political and economic concepts in an amazingly realistic formula system and to discuss the results with other state leaders as well as compete with them.

Ars Regendi as a politics game offers numerous possibilities to influence economic and social issues. For one, you can change state budget, for example increase income tax or reduce pensions once in the game year. The tasks the government faces daily represent a further main pillar of this policy game. Here each player can choose between different approaches to influence the policy in his way. This is also profoundly possible by corporate or economy reforms, or large infrastructure projects respective research projects. And Ars Regendi is a realistic politics game, so you can lose regency by being voted out or even removed in a more radical way. In case his policy caused too much dissatisfaction or an economy collapse.