Details of the alliance

Leader: Andalusia / ystradband
Vice: ALMFIX / AntyCrist
Description: Welcome to Evolution!

Evolution is an alliance for nations looking to secure happiness and prosperity for their citizens. Our aim is to help states to flourish and progress down their chosen path, whether it be liberal, social or conservative and to equip regents with the skills that enable them to achieve their individual goals.

Hello to all our recent applicants. Please bear with us while we wait for vacancies. We will process the most promising applications as quickly as we can so please take good care of your state!

We've been at the top of the alliance leaderboard for a long time and would like to stay there a lot longer! To achieve this, we supply all the tools and advice that states need to grow and prosper at our alliance forum. We can only stay at the top by recruiting the best states with active and engaged regents. If you're looking to Evolve and aren't just one of the chimps, please get in touch! Key criteria for selection and for payments from the alliance fund will be regular task solving, happiness of voters and budget control.

Our alliance forum is a meeting place where experienced and new players can gather to exchange ideas and find out how well their state is performing. Access to the Evolution website with information on projects, reforms, tasks and more is available exclusively to our members.

Flag (not selectable for world states): flagge
Strength: 10.00
Members: 24 / 25
Recent applications: 5
Foundation: 06.06.2009
Tobin tax no
Common tracing Yes
Technology transfer Yes
Election mode Majority
Membership rate 5.0 %
Alliance cash 3367993 Billions


Membername Regent Member since last action Ally worth
Pine ystradband 14.12.2015 21.10.2016 184.71
Andalusia ystradband 29.05.2016 21.10.2016 29.34
Manhattan ystradband 18.07.2016 21.10.2016 13.46
Canadien Pawel Sikorski 29.05.2016 21.10.2016 2.90
Taunus theweasel 20.05.2016 20.10.2016 1.82
ALMFX AntyCrist 17.06.2016 12.10.2016 1.69
Tassila ystradband 03.09.2016 21.10.2016 1.55
Frankfurt cbj 20.07.2016 21.10.2016 1.43
_Greater_USA_ Steiftier90 16.08.2016 21.10.2016 1.13
ALMFIX AntyCrist 19.04.2016 12.10.2016 1.08
Guestphalia Montesquieu 16.08.2016 21.10.2016 1.04
Stoner Kingdom trowaphoenix 25.08.2016 20.10.2016 0.90
US of Brazil rgmarques 25.07.2016 21.10.2016 0.75
Sohnistan sandor1312 17.09.2016 21.10.2016 0.46
Ximbalau Trovoada 08.09.2016 19.10.2016 0.44
Fishducks Lord Weasel 01.10.2016 15.10.2016 0.41
Chicago puzzard 03.09.2016 20.10.2016 0.40
North Visdoan Angle32 20.09.2016 20.10.2016 0.38
Markimoomoo Markimoomoo 28.08.2016 21.10.2016 0.36
Ionia Gaul 14.10.2016 20.10.2016 0.35
New us ville New us ville 07.10.2016 21.10.2016 0.34
Atrisians Zhrta 14.10.2016 21.10.2016 0.32
Power Boom Rising Eagle 16.10.2016 20.10.2016 0.32
Northface Rusal 27.09.2016 21.10.2016 0.27